September 25, 2021
1 DAY CLASS – FEE - $50.00



This course will cover a variety of areas such as setting up an engine to efficiently operate with minimal staff, pre-established assignments, & quickly getting water on the fire.

Instructor:    David Decker, Owner, Command Vision, LLC


A2 -    BASIC TO ADVANCED AUTO EXTRICATION – Maximum 15 students

This course will offer extensive use of battery powered hydraulic rescue tool, basic and advanced rescue techniques for the removal of entrapped victims from vehicles.  Methods to reduce time and effort while increasing efficiency in performance of the extrication will also be discussed.  Various spreaders, cutters, & rams will be used in this hands-on session.

Instructor:    Luke Ricketts, Genesis Rescue Systems



This course will cover new changes to the code, updates, fire pumps, solar panels and technology

Instructors: Roger Clark, CFSII, East Holmes Fire and EMS


A4 -   MEDICAL CASE REVIEW – Maximum 24 students

This course will cover four medical cases focusing on environmental assessment, history taking, assessment, differential diagnosis, and treatment

Instructor:    Lou Ann Metz, Chief – Bainbridge Township Fire Department



Sunday Only Classes
September 26, 2021
1 DAY CLASS – FEE - $50.00

B1 -    HAZMAT FOR THE ONE IN THE HOT SEAT – Maximum 24 students

This course provides the opportunity to ascertain information to make sure the firefighting company is properly prepared and outfitted to handle a hazardous materials response in structural firefighting gear and SCBA.  Special emphasis is placed on hazardous materials incidents where there is a report of a viable victim in the hazardous atmosphere.  Emergency decontamination measures will be discussed with special consideration of only having your initial fire apparatus on the scene without a dedicated hazmat team yet on scene.

Instructor:    Nick Zamiska, Bad Day Training



We will cover radio coverage testing & requirements, utilize several hands-on lab props for demonstrations covering multiple items, and much more.

Instructor:    Roger Clark, CFSII, East Holmes Fire and EMS


B3 -     ENDOCRINE EMERGENCIES – Maximum 24 students

This course will cover the anatomy, pathophysiology of the endocrine system as well as the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders.

            Instructor:    Lou Ann Metz, Chief – Bainbridge Township Fire Department


B4 -     Tactical Sefl Defense for First Responders – Maximum 20 students

Learn proven techniques to protect yourself on the job from violent encounters while following department guidelines.  Protect yourself, protect patients, and protect your job.

            Instructor:    Eric Stansifer, Instructor - Dark Horse MTE



Saturday and Sunday (2-day) Classes
September 25 & 26, 2021
2 DAY CLASS – FEE - $100.00


C1 -     ROPE RESCUE FOUNDATIONS   Maximum 20 Students

Students will progress through moving brake skills including rappelling, ascending, mid height pick offs on day one and then progress through fixed brake skills including anchoring, mechanical advantage and lower/haul systems, and victim packaging.

Instructor:  Dalan Zartman, Rescue Methods

Prerequisites: Good physical condition, basic knots knowledge                         


C2 -     TRUCK WORK WITHOUT THE TRUCK   Maximum 24 Students

Have you ever wanted to be a truckie but your department didn’t have a Ladder Truck or the staffing?  Well then this is the class for you!  Truck work must be done on every fire ground even if you ride on an engine or are on RIT.  This class is for everyone; rural or suburban, career or volunteer.  This class will teach you a multitude of truck company operations without having the million-dollar apparatus, in this class you will learn how to carry and throw an assortment of ground ladders single person, forcible entry, down and dirty search and VEIS under the most realistic conditions. 

Instructor:  Matthew Baldwin, Firefighter, North Charleston Fire Department