Dwayne Taylor

Dwayne began his career in 1960 taking the basic fire training course. He joined the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department on May 10th 1961. Dwayne received his Registry Emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance certification in October of 1972. He served three terms as a member of the Board of Directors for the Kidron Fire Department, two years as Vice President and three years as Secretary. Dwayne first attended the Wayne County Fire School in 1961. He served as President of the Wayne County Fire & Rescue Association in 1984 and was elected Treasurer in 1988. In his role as Treasurer Dwayne does all of the accounting and handles registrations for the Regional Fire School. Starting in 2000 Dwayne took over graphics, layout and working with the printers, spending countless hours, to put out the Fire School brochures. Dwayne also oversees the accounts of the Wayne County Fire & Rescue Association's Regional Training Facility. 

Dwayne is an essential member of the Wayne County Fire & Rescue Association where he continues to serve with honor. 
In recognition of his knowledge, his professionalism and of his dedication to the fire service, please join us in congratulating Dwayne Taylor on being named as the Honorary Dean of the Wayne County Regional Fire School for the year 2004.