Firefighter Challenge

The Challenge will be held on Saturday, September 19th, starting at 1700hrs at the Wayne County Regional Training Facility.

Participants DO NOT have to be a registered student to participate in the Challenge.

Only 50 spots available!

1st Place Prize – 15% of the total entry fees for the Challenge
2nd Place Prize – 10% of the total entry fees for the Challenge
3rd Place Prize – 5% of the total entry fees for the Challenge

Entry Fee = $20 Proceeds go to Wayne County Fire & Rescue Association

Stations will include: Tower climb, equipment hoist, Kaiser sled, hose advancement, and dummy drag

To Register: Check the box on the registration form to hold your spot. We will accept the first 50 registrations that we receive. Registrations from our website are received faster than registrations by mail.

Payment: The entry fee will ONLY be accepted at the beginning of the event by CASH ONLY! We will not bill you or your department for the entry fee for the Challenge.

Bring your own complete set of turnout gear. An SCBA will be provided for you.