Honorary Dean

2018 Honorary Dean:

Robert Ballentine

Retired Fire Chief, Orrville Fire Department


Chief Robert Ballentine joined the Orrville Fire Department in 1971 and has served in all ranks from firefighter to the rank of Fire Chief and was the first full time Chief for the City. He and his wife, Linda, are life-long residents of the City of Orrville, Ohio.

Chief Ballentine is certified as a level 2 firefighter and an emergency medical technician. He is a fire service training instructor, certified fire safety inspector, and a hazardous materials technician. He has also completed weapons of mass destruction – Chemical Ordinance, Biological, Radiological, and Toxic Agent (COBRA) training provided by the National Department of Homeland Security.

His professional memberships include the Wayne County Fire and Rescue Association, Ohio Fire Chiefs Association, International Fire Chiefs Association, and the National Fire Protection Association. He served as the President of the Wayne County Fire Chiefs Association for 22 years.

He has devoted his adult life to helping his community to make the City of Orrville, Wayne County, and Ohio a better and safer place to live and work.


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