Honorary Dean

2021 Honorary Dean:

Roger Clark

East Holmes Fire Department


In October 1980, Roger applied at Berlin Volunteer Fire Department which is where his father, Howard, helped establish the department in 1968.  Roger was able to take the basic 36-hour firefighter training (T & I) immediately that year.  He was able to run calls while still in High School at Hiland High School as a senior.  He took his basic EMT-A in Baltic Ohio while still in High School even though he had to wait to graduate to take the state certification test. Roger took the advanced EMT class at Aultman Hospital and became certified in late 1983 and became an American Heart Association CPR Instructor to be able to recertify department members and others in the community. 

Roger also joined the Holmes County Sheriff Office as Reserve and then later became Full Time in 1985 through 1989.  He became a certified PADI diver and the helped to establish the Holmes County Dive Team out of the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office.  He has attended numerous seminars and classes including Wayne County Fire School and through State Fire Marshal Office.  Roger became the Fire Chief at Berlin Volunteer Fire Department in 1991 and helped to establish the East Holmes Fire & EMS District in 1994.  He was hired as the first Fire Chief for the new District.  During this time, Holmes County went to a 9-1-1 Dispatch Center and he was on the 9-1-1 Board as a Fire Chief Representative. 

Roger went on to get his firefighter Level 1, and then East Holmes held a Level 2 firefighting class that he took to advance his firefighting and command skills.  He took the fire safety inspection class in 1994 to assist in the growth and the safety of the fire district and Holmes County as well.  Along the way, he also took haz-mat technician, fire investigator I and II, confined space technician, and rescue diver certification.  In 1997, Roger achieved his assistant fire instructor certification to help teach at Wayne County Regional Training Facility.  This eventually led into him getting his full Fire instructor, EMS instructor, and Fire Safety Inspector Instructor certifications.  He became an EVOC train the trainer through VFIS and has been teaching drivers training to firefighters and EMT’s for several years. Since 2003, Roger has worked full time at the State Fire Marshal’s Office in Code enforcement.

Roger was born in Berlin, Ohio which is where he still remains today with his wife, Barbara.  Together, they have a son, Ryan, who is a 3rd generation volunteer firefighter with Northfield Fire Department in New Jersey. 


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