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Community Helping Instructors Educate Firefighters


Background—Who We Are

Dwayne Taylor

Dwayne began his career in 1960 taking the basic fire training course. He joined the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department on May 10th 1961. Dwayne received his Registry Emergency Medical Technician - Ambulance certification in October of 1972.

Ron Taylor

Ron has completed 20 years of service with the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department as of June 3rd 2005.

Dick Glessner

Dick began his career with the Milton Township Vol. Fire Dept. (now Sterling Fire District) in 1971. He became Asst. Chief in 1980 and was appointed Chief in 1984.

He has had many accomplishments through the years:

W. Parker Browne

W. Parker Browne previously served as a firefighter at the city of Williamsburg (VA) and Chief Instructor/Aircraft Crash Rescue at Tempelhof Central Airport, Berlin, Germany (USAF), during the Cold War.

Phil McLean

Phil McLean has been a member of the Richfield Fire Department since 1976. Serving as the department Training officer for many years as a part time member and fulltime as the Fire Inspector.

Richard A. Nester

Rich began his journey in firefighting in 1980 when he joined the Chippewa Township Fire Department Station #2.

Lois Welch

Lois Welch joined the Town & Country Fire District in 1988 as a volunteer, at that time she was a basic EMT. In 1994 Lois went on to get her intermediate EMT. In 1996 Lois was appointed assistant chief in charge of EMS for the Fire District.


In March of 1987, at the annual FDIC in Cincinnati, Ohio, a discussion was held concerning the need for local/regional training sites to make training more readily available to emergency service personnel.  This need was born from three main