The first Wayne County Fire & Rescue Association Fire School was held at the Dalton Fire Department in 1953. Each year, the one-day school would be hosted each September by a different member of the organization. This continued until the mid 1970s when the school was held annually at the Wayne County Schools Career Center in Smithville. In 2000, the school was moved to Waynedale High School in order to move closer to the Associations Regional Training Facility. In 2001, the Wayne County Regional Fire School was co-sponsored by the Ohio State Firefighters’ Association who aided in bringing nationally know guest instructors to the school. Retired New York City Firefighter Dan Noonan was the first such speaker. Ironically he came to the school right after the 9/11/01 attacks on the World Trade Center. Noonan gave a very moving address to the attendees during the morning announcements of the school. Since that time, the school has strived to maintain the spirit that Noonan gave to the school that morning. In 2004 the school began to make a keynote address by the OSFFA sponsored speaker the opening event for the school. Due to the growing number of students and classes, we moved to OSU/ATI campus in 2010. Then in 2013, we moved to OSU/OARDC Arden Shisler Conference Center in Wooster, Ohio where we held our school until 2020.  Now, our entire fire school experince is held at the Wayne County Regional Training Facility in Apple Creek, Ohio.